Numeracy is an essential component of the curriculum at Barwon Heads Primary School. We focus on developing mathematical understanding, fluency, logical reasoning, analytical thought and problem solving skills. We aim to equip students with the mathematical strategies necessary for their school life and real world contexts and appreciate that mathematics is an essential and relevant part of life. Our school values Mathematics and aims to develop student’s confidence, knowledge, understanding, appreciation, curiosity and most of all a love of mathematics.


  • The features of our Numeracy Program include:
  • A daily one hour Numeracy block.
  • Whole class and small group teaching based on student needs.
  • Mathematics that is linked with real life applications.
  • Integration of technology, including Mathletics.
  • The development of Problem Solving skills and strategies such as creative and analytical thinking skills.
  • Differentiated lessons to cater for individual learning needs.
  • Use of hands on materials to allow children a chance to construct own knowledge.
  • Use of assessment data to inform teaching and improve learning.
  • A focus on developing a positive self-concept as learners of mathematics.
  • Providing opportunities for students to interpret and apply mathematics in a wide variety of contexts.
  • Developing student’s persistence, confidence and skills in applying mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding to everyday situations and when examining and solving everyday problems and mathematical challenges.
  • Encouraging students to pose mathematical questions and to take an active role in the pursuit of mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding.


The Mathematics program at Barwon Heads Primary School consists of 5 hours per week of teaching and learning and covers aspects of Number, Space, Measurement, Chance And Data, Working Mathematically and Structure. The principles that underpin our program reflect current best practice and research in the field of Mathematics teaching. Teachers regularly undertake Numeracy professional development to ensure teaching methods and strategies reflect this.

Students apply their mathematical understanding creatively and efficiently and the mathematics curriculum encourages students to become self-motivated and confident learners through inquiry and active participation in challenging and engaging experiences.  We believe that Mathematics learning is more effective when it is interesting, enjoyable and challenging.

Resources and Support:

  • Digital technologies and tools to support mathematical exploration and consolidation of skills.
  • A vast array of concrete resources to assist with hands on learning for Prep to Grade 6.
  • An effective whole school Numeracy Plan.
  • Access to online mathematics programs and resources. i.e. Mathletics Whole School, Maths300 and MAV (Teacher resource)