Computer skills provide easy access to information and communication technologies and are becoming a necessary tool to support and enhance learning across all curriculum areas.

At Barwon Heads we offer an ICT curriculum starting in Prep, continuing through to Grade 6 using current technologies. All classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards (IWB’s) and many other technologies appropriate for that learning area, allowing us to construct exciting and engaging learning experiences for our students.


At Barwon Heads Primary School we endeavour to incorporate all Learning Technologies available to enhance learning opportunities for our students. Using ICT as a tool for learning enables students to:

  • efficiently and effectively access digital information to assist with investigating issues, solving problems and decision making
  • produce creative solutions to support learning and develop new understandings in areas of learning
  • communicate, share and work collaboratively in local and global environments
  • understand the legal, ethical and health and safety implications of using ICT and their responsibilities as users and developers
  • develop new thinking and learning skills to support learning.


Our ICT program aims to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning through the use of digital technologies with a positive impact on student engagement and learning. Our students use a range of digital programs to foster learning and creativity as well as developing their skills in ICT. Students have access to mobile devices that connect to our curriculum server from IPads in Prep to the introduction of Netbooks in Grades 1 through to Grade 6. At Barwon Heads Primary School we have a 1:2 ratio of computers to students, as well as a commitment between the school community and school to a 1:1 ratio in Grade 5/6.

Resources and support:
1:1 Ipad Initiative
BHPS Ipad Pedagogy
Ipad Q&A
Ipad Acceptable use policy
Websites of interest